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Please use the below links to increase your knowledge about youth soccer. Please remember, goal safety is everyone's responsibility. Players should not be moving goals! Ensure goals are anchored before use and report any goal that cannot be anchored to the nearest official.  

Parent Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct

The following standards of conduct outline a philosophy that is paramount to the game of soccer.  Soccer is a sport which belongs to the players.  While soccer games are exciting events for the spectators and parents, the excitement of these people must remain positive and controlled.  Uncontrolled or abusive behavior is not accepted at Golden Ball Soccer Academy, LLC. (GBSA)

The Referee

Never use foul or abusive language toward any of the referees; center or linesmen.  The coach and team captain (s) are in control of the game.  Each referee is just as difficult as the field the game is played on.  Keep this in mind.  A parent has never overruled a referee and never will. 

The Laws

In order to be a supportive parent, we ask that you understand the primary laws of the game.  GBSA will make abbreviated written laws available to all parents on request.  You many also look on the for rules of the game.  Please keep up to date on the basics; offsides, penalty fouls, and non- penalty fouls. 

Your Player

GBSA’s goal is to provide the best coaching and training available for your player.  Please keep this in mind on game days and encourage your player and teammates during the match.  GBSA wants and needs your enthusiasm and support for our coaches and players, yet only in a constructive manner.  Please be reminded that the parents and spectators job is to encourage; not to coach or to criticize. 


When the parents and spectators continuously yell it is distracting for the teams and it can show the lack of the parent’s knowledge of the game.  Positive, short bursts of encouragement is more than appreciated and needed.  Please be reminded that GBSA needs you to show respect to the players of the opposing team.  Alcohol, tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes), illegal drugs, and firearms are not permitted at GBSA games, home or away.  Always remember you are responsible for the conduct of all visitors you bring to any match. 


Anyone who is in violation of this Agreement and Code of Conduct is subject to immediate dismissal from any game and disciplinary action. 


I (we) have read the above information and accept this agreement as part of my player’s commitment to GBSA and acknowledge the consequences of not abiding by this agreement. 


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